Towards Objective Assessment of Spatial Audio Quality of Loudspeaker-Based Systems in Cars

Research Student: Daisuke Koya
Principal Supervisor: Dr Russell Mason
Co-Supervisor: Dr Martin Dewhirst
Supported by: Bang & Olufsen

Start date: 2009
End date: 2015

Project Outline

Car audio system design and optimisation can be time consuming. The process could be shortened if tools for automatic assessment of perceived sound quality were available. This project concerns one of these tools, a model for objective assessment of spatial audio attributes.

The primary aim of the project is to determine how best to develop a predictive model that assesses the spatial quality of automotive audio systems.

A literature review has established a list of spatial attributes and physical features that describe the spatial-quality degradations of an automotive audio system relative to a domestic reference. New metrics have been created to measure the spatial attributes that are believed to be specific to the automotive audio environment.

The research now seeks to use these new metrics to tailor an existing model of domestic multichannel audio quality specifically for the automotive environment.