IoSR Research Projects

Below is a chronological list of some of the research projects conducted in the IoSR since 2000. Many of the project titles link to a page or sub-site with further details.

1997-2001Multi-channel Enhancement of Domestic User Stereo Applications (MEDUSA)
2001-2001Microphone techniques for surround sound
2000-2002The Active Listening Room
2000-2003Subjective Quality Trade-offs in Consumer Multichannel Sound and Video Delivery Systems
1997-2004The Influence of the Factors "Spatial Envelopment" and "Localisation Accuracy" on Perceived Quality of Sound Reproduction
1998-2004A Graphical Assessment Language (GAL) for Spatial Audio
2001-2004Towards a Spatial Ear Trainer
2001-2005An Onset-Guided Spatial Analyser for Binaural Audio
2002-2005Perceptually Motivated Measurement of Spatial Sound Attributes for audio-based information systems
2002-2006Perceived Quality of Surround Sound Microphone Techniques
2006-2006Spatial Audio & Sensory Evaluation Techniques (workshop)
2003-2008The Development of SAALTS: A Spatial Audio Attribute Listener Training System
2003-2008Modeling Perceived Spatial Attributes of Reproduced Sound
2005-2008Perception of Spatially Synthesized Sound Fields
2005-2008Hierarchical Bandlimitation of Surround Sound
2005-2009Perceptual Meter for Multichannel Audio Quality
2005-2009Relative importance of timbral and spatial fidelity in automotive sound quality evaluation
2005-2009Beyond "Basic Audio Quality": Evaluating the perceived quality of spatial audio codecs
2004-2010Perceptual Considerations in Audio Morphing
2006-2010The role of head movement in the analysis of spatial impression
2007-2010A Psychoacoustic Engineering Approach to Machine Sound Source Separation in Reverberant Environments
2006-2011Towards the Automatic Assessment of Spatial Quality in the Reproduced Sound Environment
2007-2011Perceptual Sound Field Reconstruction and Coherent Emulation
2008-2012Listener Response to Different Types of Loudspeaker Directivity
2010-2013Perceptually Optimised Sound Zones (POSZ)
2009-2015Towards Objective Assessment of Spatial Audio Quality of Loudspeaker-Based Systems in Cars
2010-2015The Effect of Head Movement on the Perception of Source Elevation
2011-2015Modelling auditory adaptation
2011-2015Audio un-mixing
2012-2016Microphone Quality Metering & Enhancement
2013-2016Metering the Perceived Quality of Mixed Music
2017-2018Distance Adjustments in Loudness Metering
2013-2019S3A: Future Spatial Audio for an Immersive Listener Experience at Home
2016-2019Audio Commons: an Ecosystem for Creative Reuse of Audio Content
2016-2020Intelligent Audio Rendering with Ad-Hoc Loudspeakers
2019-2022Timbral characteristics of off-axis microphone response
2020-2023Intelligent Hearables with Environment-Aware Rendering (InHEAR)
2020-2023Immersive & Inclusive
2021-2023SCalable Room Acoustics Modelling (SCReAM)
2022-2025Efficient perceptually-motivated diffraction modelling for VR/AR and computer games
2022-2026Data-driven Room Acoustic Modelling for AR (DRAMA)
2023-2027Immersive audio technologies and workflows
2023-2027Sensory perception of active acoustic enhancement systems (SPACES)
2023-2027Relationship between otoacoustic emissions and music preference