IoSR Blog : 01 January 2017

Tonmeister Review of 2016


Tonmeisters work on classic new year TV including Silent Witness (music composer: Sheridan Tongue), Midsomer Murders (dubbing mixer: Richard Straker) and Mr. Selfridge (dubbing mixer: Richard Davey).


Tonmeisters win three awards from the Music Producers Guild: Best Producer (Charlie Andrew), Best Engineer (Olga Fitzroy), and Breakthrough Engineer (Brett Cox).


Sadly, friend of the Tonmeister course and honorary graduate George Martin passes away. George visited regularly as part of his role as President of the Association of Professional Recording Services, and was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University in 2008.


We start to collate examples of student work on our YouTube channel.


Radiohead release A Moon Shaped Pool, engineered by Tonmeister graduate Sam Petts-Davies.


Tonmeisters are presented with awards from a wide range of audio experts and companies.


The University hosts the Audio Engineering Society International Conference on Sound Field Control. This involves around 90 participants from many countries around the world, with demonstrations using over 100 loudspeakers in the Institute of Sound Recording studios and listening room.


Laura Marling hosts a series of podcasts that ask why few women work in audio. The series includes interviews with a range of women who work in music and audio, asking how they got into their current roles and how they feel about working in a predominantly male industry. One of the interviews is with award-winning engineer and Tonmeister graduate Olga Fitzroy. They talk about balancing having a family with a career as a sound engineer, and whether women hear differently than men.


An amazing 19 albums that Tonmeisters had worked on were nominated for Gramophone awards. These nominations cover almost the whole range of categories: every category apart from one had an album partly created by a Surrey Tonmeister.


Tonmeisters work on the newly-released film , a documentary about the band Oasis. Tonmeister graduate Rael Jones composed the original music for the score, which was recorded and mixed by Tonmeister graduate Joe Rubel. The whole movie sound was mixed by re-recording mixer (and Tonmeister graduate) Richard Davey.


Over the year our 22.2 loudspeaker setup in the listening room is featured in Audio Media and Resolution magazines, and the Journal of the Audio Engineering Society.


Final year students have been telling us some of the highlights of their placement year jobs working in all areas of the audio industry. These have included:

by Russell Mason