IoSR Blog : 14 February 2014

Tonmeister Oscar nominations

This year, there are 25 credits for Tonmeister graduates in Oscar-nominated films. Here's some more detail about some of them.

Best Sound Mixing


Tonmeister graduate Chris Benstead has been nominated in the best sound mixing category. He worked as music editor on the film Gravity, one of the most interesting sound design works of recent years. Of the work, Chris said:

“It is amazing to be nominated, but not unexpected as the job everyone did was astonishing. It was probably the most ‘out there’ project I’ve worked on, as there was music flying around."

Whilst not named for the award, many other Tonmeister graduates contributed towards the score of Gravity, as follows:

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

The Hobbit also received a nomination for best sound mixing. With the score recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London, Tonmeister graduates also contributed to this.

Best Music - original song

Also related to sound and music, Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom was nominated for Best Original Song. This also had many Tonmeister graduates involved in the score.

Best Picture

Tonmeister graduates also played a role in some of the films nominated for Best Picture.



Best Animated Film and Best Animated Short Film

Finally, Tonmeister graduates played a role in the music and sound for two nominated animated films. The Croods, nominated for Best Animated Feature Film, had Matt Jones credited as stage assistant and James Spencer credited as assistant re-recording mixer, and Room on the Broom, nominated for Best Animated Short Film, had Al Green credited as mix technician. James Spencer was also credited as assistant re-recording mixer for Despicable Me 2, Twenty Feet From Stardom, and All is Lost.

Get-out clause: We're incredibly sorry if we've missed anyone in this list. It's been compiled based on those listed as credited according to With so many Tonmeisters involved in so many films, it's still possible that we've missed someone though. If that's the case, please accept our humblest apologies, and if you let us know we'll correct it.

by Russell Mason